Internet pokes fun at Taoiseach's Love Actually joke

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Media captionTaoiseach learns 'Love Actually' was not 'actually' filmed at Downing Street

Users on social media have been poking fun at Leo Varadkar, the new Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister), for an enthusiastic rom-com reference on his first official trip.

His Monday meeting with UK Prime Minister Theresa May was dominated by Brexit and talks on the DUP-Tory deal.

But it was his admission that the famous Downing Street address reminded him of a Hugh Grant dance sequence from the film "Love Actually" that stole Tuesday's headlines.

Mr Varadkar seemed disappointed to learn the scene was not "actually" filmed there.

Many were divided on whether the reference to the popular Christmas movie was "cringey" or a bit of welcome fun from a political leader.

Here are some of the best reactions from social media.

Image copyright @LorcanClancy twitter
Image caption Some twitter users imagined the Irish Taoiseach as part of the film's cast.
Image copyright @Cormaccomedy twitter
Image caption One user photoshopped world and UK leaders onto the film's dvd cover

Image copyright @aoifemrtn twitter
Image caption One eagle-eyed twitter user spotted the similarity in the Taoiseach's name
Image copyright @Irpsych twitter
Image caption One suggested it was only the Irish who found it 'cringe'

Image copyright @lfjohnston
Image caption One user shared a gif of Hugh Grant from the film to show how she felt about the reference
Image copyright @owensDamien twitter
Image caption One user thought Mr Varadkar's reference was endearing

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