Second woman injured by exploding cream dispenser in France

A picture showing strawberry cupcakes with a whipped cream topping Image copyright istetiana/Getty Images
Image caption The woman was baking for her daughter's birthday when the cream dispenser exploded

A French woman has been injured in the leg by an exploding whipped cream dispenser, less than two weeks after a similar device killed a blogger.

Heidi Dumotier was baking when the latest incident took place.

"I shake the bottle, and - boom - it explodes," she said. "It was terrible, the lid was gone and the bottle was lodged in the ceiling."

One French consumer group has warned readers for years about explosions caused by faulty gas capsules.

Ms Dumotier, from Trémery in north-eastern France, told local radio: "If I had taken that to the head, I would have been finished."

She said the explosion left a 15cm (6ins) hole in her ceiling. The nature of her leg injury is unclear.

The near-miss follows the death of French fitness blogger Rebecca Burger, who died of cardiac arrest after a cream dispenser exploded and hit her in the chest.

Image copyright Rebecca Burger
Image caption Ms Burger described herself as a fitness, travel, and fashion enthusiast

Her death was announced on Facebook after what her family called a "domestic accident".

A warning against the faulty dispensers was posted to her Instagram account to raise awareness.

It advised her 154,000 followers not to use the dispensers, saying that tens of thousands of "defective devices" remain in circulation.

Image copyright Instagram
Image caption "An example of a whipped cream siphon that exploded"

A whipped cream dispenser works by injecting gas into a metal container, keeping the unit under high pressure.

The consumer magazine 60 Millions has long warned that faulty connectors on the capsules could cause them to break and expel at high speed.

The injuries caused range from broken teeth and tinnitus to multiple fractures and, in one case, the loss of an eye.

But the magazine says new dispensers made since 2015 appear to be safe.

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In 2013, one victim of an exploding cream dispenser told RTL radio: "I had six broken ribs, and my sternum was broken.

"At the hospital, I was told that if the shock and blast had been facing the heart, I would be dead now."

The number of accidents prompted the government office for consumers to issue a warning, saying the accidents stretch back as far as 2010, and can occur at any time - even after years of problem-free use.

At least one manufacturer issued a product recall - but a year later, only 25,000 were returned out of 160,000 sold, Le Parisien reported.

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