Greece-Turkey earthquake: Irish tourist woke to Kos 'pandemonium'

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At least two people were killed in the tourist destination of Kos

An Irishman caught up in an earthquake that killed at least two people in Kos has said he was woken by "absolute pandemonium".

At least 100 people were hurt and buildings were damaged at the popular tourist destination when the 6.7-magnitude quake hit in the Aegean Sea.

Paddy Leonard, from Dublin, is visiting the Greek island with his three friends and was asleep when the quake struck.

He said it was "one of the most frightening experiences I've ever had".

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The earthquake struck at 01:31 local time on Friday (22:31 GMT on Thursday).

Mr Leonard and his friends had planned to spend their last day on a boat trip so decided to get an early night, rather than spending it out on the town.

'Buildings were shaking'

"We were in bed and all of a sudden the earthquake hit," he told BBC Radio Ulster's Good Morning Ulster programme.

"The room I'm in is on the ground level beside the pool, and I was half asleep and the bed just moved and the ground started shaking, really powerful.

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"I panicked but my friend said just get down on the ground.

"The pool - there was water being shoved out by force of the quake - the buildings were shaking, trees blowing.

"There was just pandemonium - I didn't know what to think."

'Roof taken off'

The two people who were killed were crushed by debris, police said.

Many people have suffered broken bones, with some of them in a serious condition, according to government officials.

Mr Leonard said an area where he and his friends had spent most nights of their holiday was worst hit by the quake.

"The bar we went to every night - the whole roof was taken off," he said.

"To think that could've been myself, my friends - I count myself lucky to be alive.

"The last thing you expect is to go on a holiday and an earthquake hits you.

"You hear about it, learn about it in school, but you never think it'll actually happen to you or affect you."