The future of Russia: Ask your questions

image copyrightAlexander Gorbunov
image captionThis statue of Lenin stands at the Street Art Museum in St Petersburg - where Global Questions will be recorded

One hundred years ago, Lenin and his Bolsheviks seized power at the Winter Palace in St Petersburg - the October revolution of 1917 was one of the turning points of modern history, it shaped not only Russia but the modern world.

A century on, Global Questions presented by Zeinab Badawi returns to St Petersburg to assess the Russia of today, in particular through the eyes of its younger generation.

Soviet communism has collapsed, but what has replaced it? Has post-communist Russia lived up to the dreams of its people, and if not, what changes and reforms do they want to see?

People living and working in St Petersburg as well as audiences on social media will put their questions to a panel of key figures from politics, business and culture.

Send us your question via the form below in 50 words or less.

Global Questions St Petersburg will be recorded in the middle of November. If you are in St Petersburg and would you like to attend the programme let us know.

#BBCGlobalQuestions is on Whatsapp. Do you have a question about the future of Russia 100 years since the revolution? WhatsApp it to +447497371629.

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