Ronaldo's superhuman match in pictures

Ronaldo's hat-trick against Spain has been hailed as one of the all-time great World Cup performances.

Here, in pictures, is how the Portuguese star's game unfolded.

ronaldo fouled for penalty Image copyright AFP/Getty

Shortly after kick off he was brought down as he ran into the penalty area, winning a penalty...

ronaldo scores first goal Image copyright Reuters

... which he fired into the right-hand side of the goal, giving Portugal the lead.

Ronaldo Image copyright Reuters

During a display of supreme efficiency, the 33-year-old chose when to get involved and when to conserve his strength for the vital moments to come.

ronaldo scores second goal Image copyright AFP/Getty

Later in the first half he defeats Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea again with a shot that squeezes under his body.

ronaldo celebrates scoring his second Image copyright Reuters
ronaldo celebrates second Image copyright AFP/Getty

A sliding celebration follows before he is mobbed by teammates.

Ramos helps Ronaldo up Image copyright AFP/Getty

The match was billed as a clash between two titans usually seen playing on the same side for Real Madrid. But there was no animosity between Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos, with the latter on one occasion helping him to his feet.

ronaldo hits free kick Image copyright AFP/Getty

In the 88th minute a free kick to Portugal.

Ronaldo curls it around and over the defensive wall and into the top corner for the equaliser...

ronaldo after third goal Image copyright AFP/Getty

... before roaring out his emotion...

ronaldo celebrates goal Image copyright EPA

... and again giving his trademark celebration, sweeping his hands down and out to the sides.

ronaldo embraces de gea Image copyright EPA

After the final whistle there is delight as he embraces Spain goalkeeper De Gea, whom he had beaten three times.

Giants of the global game hailed a superhuman performance.

Legendary former Italian captain Franco Baresi was speechless.

"Let's go, family!" said the man himself, posting a picture of the team together after a famous match.

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