First street sexual harassment fine imposed in France

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Women discuss street harassment in France

A man in France has been given a 300-euro (£270) fine for sexual aggression under a new law against street harassment.

He slapped a woman's bottom on a bus near Paris, and made lewd remarks about her appearance.

The fine is the first imposed under the legislation aimed at deterring predatory remarks and harassment such as wolf-whistles.

The law, passed in August, allows for on-the-spot fines of up to 750 euros.

The man, who was drunk when he boarded the bus in Draveil, Essonne, south of Paris, smacked the 21-year-old woman, and made insulting comments about her and her breasts.

This led to a squabble with the bus driver, who trapped the man in the bus while waiting for police to turn up.

The man, 31, has also been sentenced to three months in prison for what the judge ruled was an outright case of sexual aggression against the woman, and the attack on the driver.

The minister behind the legislation, Marlene Schiappa, hailed the court decision in a tweet, saying: "Well done to the bus driver for his quick reaction, and for the penalty imposed."

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Street harassment and catcalling are already illegal in some countries including Portugal and Argentina.

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100 Women: What exactly do we mean when we talk about street harassment?