Dozens of arrests in Copenhagen for drunk scooter driving

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Electric scooters are gaining popularity across the world, including in Paris

Danish police have arrested 28 people in Copenhagen for riding electric scooters while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Over the weekend 24 people were caught drink-driving scooters while four were intoxicated from recreational drugs.

The force announced the arrests on Twitter following a crackdown on the unsafe use of scooters in the Danish capital earlier this year.

Intoxicated drivers are liable for a 2,000 krone ($300; £235) fine.

Electric scooters have seen a surge in popularity in Copenhagen since traffic rules were adapted to make them easier to use.

Image source, EPA
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The mayor of Paris has banned parking scooters on the pavement

The scooters are hired out by an app and can be parked anywhere within a particular zone.

The transport receives mixed reviews, with locals complaining about the increase in injuries and inconvenience they allegedly cause.

Electric scooters have also been introduced in several cities across Europe, as well as San Francisco, Mexico City and New York.

In June, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, announced a crackdown on scooters following a rise in injuries.

She said the situation was "not far from anarchy" and the city needed to implement "order and rules to assure road safety".