Germany gun attack in pictures

Police at scene outside synagogue, Halle, 9 Oct 19 Image copyright EPA
Image caption Police guard the sealed-off area around a synagogue after shooting in Halle

At least two people were killed in two shooting incidents in the east German city of Halle.

German police arrested one suspect. Initially another suspect was thought to have fled in a vehicle, but later it was established that the shooting was the work of a lone gunman.

Two killed in gun attack in German city

Police urged locals to stay indoors, as a major anti-terror operation was in progress.

Police at scene outside Doner kebab shop, Halle, 9 Oct 19 Image copyright AFP
Image caption The scene at the kebab shop which was attacked

A heavily armed assailant, wearing military camouflage and a helmet, strode up to a Doner kebab shop in Halle and threw a grenade or firecracker, which bounced off the door and exploded outside, witnesses told German n-tv.

Then the gunman opened fire with an assault rifle, through the Doner shop windows, witness Konrad Rösler told n-tv. About five or six customers were, he said, with him inside and panic broke out. One of them was killed, he said, and he hid in the toilet.

Halle cemetery scene, 9 Oct 19 Image copyright EPA
Image caption Police climbed over the Jewish cemetery wall where an attack took place

There was more shooting outside a Jewish synagogue in Halle, German media report. According to n-tv, there were 50 to 60 people inside the synagogue celebrating Yom Kippur - one of the holiest days for Jews - and they were guarded by security.

The assailant did not get inside. A witness said the gunman had thrown a petrol bomb or grenade over a cemetery wall there.

Scene near synagogue, Halle, 9 Oct 19 Image copyright Reuters
Image caption A victim lying in the street is seen draped with a blue cover near the synagogue
Halle bullets Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Bullet casings lie on the ground after the shootings in Halle

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