Move to ban some tomato imports into Guernsey

image captionGuernsey's tomato growing industry started in the 1860s and was at its height in the 1960s

There are plans to ban the import of tomatoes from Spain or Morocco into Guernsey, following the emergence of a tomato pest in those countries.

The Tomato Leaf Miner or Tuta Absoluta has been found in tomatoes there and can be transmitted via the fruit.

The proposals go to the States in September and if passed would apply to all tomatoes except pre-packed ones.

The Commerce and Employment Department said the ban was needed to protect the island's tomato industry.

Guernsey's tomato production relies on biological controls so that production can be labelled as chemical free and there is currently no such control to deal with the Tomato Leaf Miner.

The tomato growing industry has declined from its heights in the 1960s, when it was the island's biggest industry.

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