New UK passports 'not an issue' for Guernsey travellers

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The introduction of a new generation of UK passports will have no immediate effect on Guernsey travellers, the island's Passport Office has said.

The new UK passports have been designed to fight identity theft and fraud and are due to be issued from 5 October.

Phil Taylor, assistant chief officer of immigration and nationality, said the island would continue to issue the current style British passport.

He said it was recognised worldwide and met exacting security standards.

Mr Taylor said: "A Bailiwick of Guernsey variant of the new British passport, which incorporates strengthened security features, will be introduced here towards the end of 2012.

"In the meantime, the Guernsey Passport Office will continue to issue the current British passport, which is recognised throughout the world.

"Current generation British passports issued in the Bailiwick of Guernsey will be valid until their expiry date."

He said variants of the standard British passport are issued in each of the crown dependencies, although the format and security features need to be identical to British passports issued throughout the world.

Mr Taylor said the Guernsey variant differed solely in some of the text in the passport, which reflects that the passport was issued in the Bailiwick by the island's lieutenant governor, who exercised royal prerogative on behalf of the Queen.

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