Fishery protection 'not needed' says Alderney fisherman

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Moves to protect Alderney's fish stocks have provoked criticism from a local fisherman.

Proposals to ban commercial trawling and restricting other forms of fishing are due to be discussed by the island's States this month.

Those proposing it said it was aimed at preserving the marine environment.

But Andy Le Prevost, of Seafresh Fishmongers, said there was no need for change as fishing in the area was not causing a loss of fish stocks.

He said: "At this present moment in time the fishery around local waters is very healthy and there is no need whatsoever for any conservation issue in any form," he said.

"We have a sustainable fishery, stocks are proven to be very, very healthy the way our fisherman fish them and I can see no need for any conservation issues to be raised."

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