Guernsey public services want to return recycling banks

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Guernsey's Public Services Department has decided that the best site for the recycling banks in St Martin is back at their original location.

The department have been searching for a permanent place for the recycling banks and considered 13 locations.

The original facility at Manor Stores had to be scaled back after the site's owners decided they needed more parking for shoppers.

A temporary home was found at St Martin's Garage.

The Public Services Department discussed the possible locations with the environment department.

It was decided that the favoured option was to return the banks to the Manor Stores complex.

The owners of the site are in talks with public services to find a suitable area on the land.

Guernsey's recycling officer Tina Norman Ross said a return to the original site would be very welcome.

She said: "It is a very good site because it is near where people are going to shop, it is near where people are going anyway.

"It has always worked very well, it has always been successful and we would be very keen to go back there."

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