Guernsey animal rights group to target visitors

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A Guernsey animal rights group is planning to give visitors brochures depicting alleged cases of animal cruelty committed in the island.

Sue Vidamour, from Promoting Animal Welfare (Paw), said the move was aimed at embarrassing the island into action.

The group intends to approach the UK media as well as handing the images to holiday-makers.

The Commerce and Employment Department described the plan as "an odd way to gain public support".

A department spokesperson said it was a threat to attack the livelihoods of the thousands of Guernsey families who earn their living from tourism.

Ms Vidamour said she was acting due to "increasing frustration" over a lack of progress to enact legislation drafted and agreed by the States in 2003.

"Work is currently proceeding in the Law Officers' Chambers on the detailed drafting of the main Animal Welfare Ordinance," she said.

"This ordinance will be comprehensive and care is being taken at the drafting stage to ensure that it will result in sufficient up-to-date powers to deal with, and as much as possible prevent, cruelty to and neglect of animals.

"Once work on this first ordinance is complete, the updating animal welfare legislation will require two further ordinances covering controls on ownership and the licensing of professions."

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