Guernsey college head 'disappointed' over delays

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The college operates course for post-16 students at various sites around the island

The head of Guernsey's College of Further Education said he was saddened the school would not be redeveloped.

Trevor Wakefield said he was disappointed about the building programme.

"In 2002 the States agreed to new high schools, the sixth form centre and the College of FE. Because of the economic situation that's not happened," he said.

"We're spread over several sites, but determined to just carry on," he added.

Mr Wakefield said they were having to make do with what they had.

"We're past masters at compromising, we take the buildings we're given and then we mould them to suit our needs," he said.

Work on Les Beaucamps High School has begun and the education minister has said the next priority is La Mare de Carteret High School, the remaining undeveloped secondary school.

Mr Wakefield said: "There is a law that says everyone has to be educated up to the age of 16 and there's an understanding that from 16 to 18 education will be provided even though it is not a legal requirement.

"We're post-16 and we've got thousands of adult students... and I think it's really because of that that the emphasis, the priority, is obviously on the schools and the high schools."

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