Call for States away day on island-wide voting plans

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John Gollop
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Deputy Gollop said he thought the majority of the house wanted change

A Guernsey politician behind alternative plans for island-wide voting wants an "away day" if nothing is decided in an upcoming debate.

Deputy John Gollop has proposed two systems of 14 island deputies and either 21 or 28 district deputies.

He said: "I think States members should take a day out and work through an island-wide system we can all accept.

"I think there's probably 30 who want some kind of island-wide, the problem is we can't agree on what we want."

Currently 45 deputies are elected from the island's seven electoral districts, each electing six or seven deputies every four years.

Deputy Gollop's first proposal is for 14 deputies elected island-wide and 28, or four each, by the districts.

The seven most popular island deputies would be elected for a six year term and the other seven elected for a three year term with all island seats being for six years after that.

District deputies would serve three year terms.

His second proposal is the same as for island-wide voting, but sees just 21 district deputies, three from each district, serving three year terms.

The various options that have been put forward for island-wide voting are due to be debated in the States meeting on 23 February.

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