Sir Fabian Malbon reflects on five years in Guernsey

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Sir Fabian said he and his wife had made many friends in the islands

Walks on the cliffs on a spring morning are what Sir Fabian Malbon will most miss about life in the islands.

He made the comment as his term as Lieutenant Governor of the Bailiwick of Guernsey came to an end.

Sir Fabian said: "I used to get up about five o'clock just when it's getting light and it is stunningly beautiful in the spring.

"The wonderful thing about the being the Lieutenant Governor here is that we've got three islands to look after."

Sir Fabian held the post of the Queen's official representative in the Bailiwick for five years and four months.

Looking back on that time, the Vice Admiral said: "Coming here was completely new.

'Compassionate community'

"Although we had an idea about the island we didn't know what went on in deepest, darkest Torteval for instance, so everything's been brand new and you pick it up as you go along, but it's like nothing else I've done apart from being captain of a ship.

"I started thinking that would be the way to play it and I think that's worked out quite well.

"You get to know the ship's company, which is the island, you get to know how the bits work - coming from a service background is ideal."

Sir Fabian added: "There are so many rewarding parts of the job and lots of really interesting things we do, but I think the most rewarding part of the job is just seeing how a community works and, I think, works very well.

"It's a hugely compassionate community, it's very generous, one of the most interesting things about the islands, especially Guernsey because I know it better I suppose, there's this sense of continuity.

"If you stop and talk to someone about their family you can bet your bottom dollar it will start in 1204.

"From our point of view we haven't seen much change, you just understand more of it in five years and you see more of it and that's interesting as it constantly surprises you."

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