Call for Guernsey to cut more greenhouse gases


Guernsey can easily do much more to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, according to campaigner Professor Nick Day.

Figures released this week show the island released 11% more carbon dioxide in 2009 than in 2008, although it was still below levels from the 1990s.

Importing nuclear energy from France, rather than generating its own by burning oil, was the main factor in reducing the island's carbon emissions.

Prof Day said importing more energy meant other initiatives could follow.

He said: "If Guernsey is going to make a serious reduction in its emissions in the coming decades it clearly has to address transport, it has to address heating in the home, in business premises as well as the generation of electricity.

"It's fundamental to have low emission electricity, which can then be used for transport, electric vehicles - there's not much point having an electric vehicle if it's using high emission electricity.

"You're using just as much emissions as if you were just driving a petrol car."

Prof Day said States legislation would need to change for the oil burning generators to be used less frequently.

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