Call for more funding for Guernsey's roads

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The BBC Campaign, The Road Ahead, looks at the state of British roads

More needs to be spent on roads in Guernsey now to avoid costly work in the future, the head of Transport Services for the States has said.

Peter Tidd said the current "band-aid" repairs led to unseen problems, such as water seeping into foundations.

He said it meant what was currently resurfacing work would become reconstruction, which is four or five times more expensive.

Mr Tidd said previous calls for more funding had been turned down.

He said he had the support of his department's, Public Services, politicians in those moves, but roads were not seen as a priority.

He was speaking in response to questions put to him as part of the BBC Campaign, The Road Ahead.

He said the island had been "under spending on roads for years" and when there were calls for less money to be spent then roads maintenance was "a soft target".

Mr Tidd said the public perception of the situation was not as good as he would have liked and it was from the public that calls for change would need to come.

He said: "We do what we can with what we've got.

"It's up to the public in the future if they are willing to live with a lower standard of roads.

"The longer we leave it the costlier it will be to get back to a decent road surface."

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