Guernsey Police seize computers in teenage images inquiry

Guernsey Police are investigating after indecent images of a teenage girl were posted online.

The public protection unit said the girl sent the images to someone on the social networking site Facebook.

They were then forwarded on to the account of a Guernsey teenager who distributed them to other teenagers, one of whom posted them on the site.

Police said a number of computers and mobile phones had been seized and the images had been deleted by Facebook.

The force said there was currently no evidence that the "friend" the girl sent her pictures to actually existed.

Police said it was expected to be an "extremely complex and lengthy" investigation.

The force added: "Once something is posted, whether a comment or an image, you have lost ownership.

"No amount of security settings can prevent its wider distribution and even deleting an item does not remove it from a hard drive."

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