Alderney mother gives birth on plane


A mother from Alderney has given birth in mid-air on a Trislander plane.

Amy White was being taken to Guernsey on an emergency medevac flight when her son, Xavier, was born.

The airline Aurigny regularly takes expectant mothers to Guernsey where the hospital is better equipped.

The pilot, Trevor Nicholls, said Xavier was thought to be one of the first babies born in mid-air in the Channel Islands. He was more than a month early when he was born on Friday afternoon.

His mother said: "I felt a lot of pressure in my back and I just screamed 'the baby is coming', the nurse literally got up as quickly as she could to see what was happening.

"I could just about hear her saying 'don't push' but it kind of just happened, my body was doing it already, and that was it, a very natural birth."

Aurigny regularly flies patients from Alderney to Guernsey, including expectant mothers.

Mr Nicholls said he knew of no other pilots who had been flying when a passenger gave birth.

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