Guernsey douzaines reject Saturday election move

Electors voting at St Sampson's polling station
Image caption Electors will continue to vote in their own district following the rejection of an island-wide poll

Guernsey's next general election will not be held on a Saturday after the island's douzaines opposed the idea.

The States Assembly and Constitution Committee (SACC) suggested the move in an attempt to combat voter apathy.

However, seven of the 10 parishes were not convinced by the arguments for a weekend election, so Wednesday, 18 April 2012 is now proposed.

The date will need to be approved by States members when they discuss the issue at their July meeting.

SACC is also suggesting that the most each candidate should be allowed to spend on their campaign is £2,100.

The format of the election will remain the same as in 2008, with candidates seeking the approval of electors in one of six island constituencies - or districts.

This follows the rejection by the States in February of proposals for island-wide elections.

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