Guernsey university students may pay same as English

Guernsey university students could pay the same as English students in fees if plans are agreed by UK universities.

Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man may have to negotiate fees with each university individually to comply with new regulations on tuition fees.

Universities UK, the representative body, has suggested island students pay the same fees as those in England.

Guernsey's Education Department said it could meet that funding within its current budget.

It said: "It would result in a modest increase in the department's total fee commitment, which could be managed within the current budget with little impact on students or parents."

'No financial barriers'

The plans would need the agreement of universities, but if successful would mean a maximum fee of about £9,000 for most courses, which would rise with inflation.

Courses such as medical, dentistry and veterinary would be among those charging a higher tuition fee.

The department said if the proposals were not accepted alternatives could be more costly.

It said if necessary it would fight for additional investment to ensure there were "no financial barriers to our young people accessing opportunities in higher education".

The department said it expected an announcement within the next few weeks on whether or not the UK Government would continue to treat students from the islands as home students and not as overseas students.

It said the likely financial impact of Guernsey students being treated as overseas students was yet to be assessed.

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