Guernsey Election 2012: Castel Candidates

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Thirteen candidates in the Castel District are seeking election to the States of Guernsey on 18 April.

A total of 4,477 islanders have signed up on the electoral roll for the Vale District, with seven seats available.

Every voter has seven votes, equal to the number of seats, and can choose to use as many or as few as they wish.

In 2008 a total of 13,656 votes were cast by 2,723 voters, with the average person using 5 of their votes. At that election 12 candidates stood, two more than in 2004.

We gave each Castel candidate 100 words to express why you should vote for them and offered them the chance to record up to a minute of speech. Here is what they said:

Castel District Deputies Election 2012

Candidate 100-word and audio manifestos
Hunter Adam Hunter Adam

Hunter Adam: One-minute manifesto

Of Scottish birth, I have lived the majority of my adult life in Guernsey.

I have been a Deputy for Castel for eleven years, the last four as Minister of the Health and Social Services Department.

My experience has given me a depth of understanding of the issues facing our island.

I believe the States has three key responsibilities: to care for the economy; to care for the environment; and to care for all islanders. These three aspects have to be balanced.

If elected I will work for this balance, to maintain the quality of life in my chosen home.

Mark Dorey Mark Dorey

Mark Dorey: One-minute manifesto

Castel States member for 10 years and Social Security Minister.


• Vibrant diversified economy • Efficient government with co-ordinated policies

• Pensions increase 1% above inflation • Culture of work first benefits second

• Income support for poorest members of community • Reduce guest workers while unemployment high

• Increased minimum wage • Constant population

• Residence and employment permits to manage population •Allow locals to return

• Rebuilding La Mare de Carteret • Mulkerrin review

•Three form entry primary schools with breakfast and after school clubs • Affordable Housing through partial ownership

• Kerbside collection • Minimise use of energy - make new buildings very thermally efficient


• New taxes including GST • External borrowing

Darren Duquemin Darren Duquemin

Darren Duquemin: One-minute manifesto

I am a Castel boy born and bred having lived nearly all of my 40 years in the parish… but enough, I've only got 100 words.

What would I like you to do? Please read my manifesto. It's online.

My manifesto, unlike others, has no election pledges that are impossible for any one deputy to deliver.

But it does include my simple election promise…

As a new face, I promise to bring new ideas and new energy to the States, all underpinned by what many would describe as old Guernsey values. I promise that I will make a difference.

Website: Twitter: @darrenduquemin

Bernard Flouquet Bernard Flouquet

Bernard Flouquet: One-minute manifesto

Having had the privilege to represent the Castel Parish for the last 15 years has enabled me to learn how Government works.

Should I be re-elected, I hope to progress some of the initiatives in which I have been involved, such as: Population management, land planning, fiscal discipline and economic development.

I would like to conclude our waste management, and refurbishment of the Airport runway.

I am prepared to face the difficult decisions, which the States will be facing in the near future, and I promise to give my very best to serve the Castel Parish and our island.

Mike Garrett Mike Garrett

Mike Garrett: One-minute manifesto

The next term will be very challenging.

I support an open style of decision making that is transparent and truthful to the whole electorate.

I will continue to support decent compassionate politics where we support the older, infirmed and less privileged in our community.

Our disabled need consistent care and attention.

I support flexibility for our schools management and will promote nursery education.

I oppose any kind of Goods Services Tax.

We must fully support our key industries global competitiveness.

We must strictly control our GOVERNMENT SPENDING.

Lastly it is essential we protect our environment and Guernsey way of life.

Chris Green Chris Green

Chris Green: One-minute manifesto

I consider that it is time for change in the way that we are governed and there is a need for more common sense in the way the States operates.

My campaign is centred on the issues that matter to ordinary working families in the Castel: the economy, taxes, education, healthcare and the need for open government.

On the doorstep, parishioners are talking to me about matters including island-wide voting, planning and government over-spending.

I believe I have the passion, the vision and the determination to be an effective Castel Deputy.

Please consider voting for Advocate Chris Green.

Website: Twitter: @advocatecgreen

Sandra James Sandra James

Sandra James: One-minute manifesto

Our States structure requires review; I believe it can function more effectively and efficiently with fewer Deputies.

There is much good within our education system however we need to implement the recommendations contained within the Mulkerrin Report as a matter of priority.

The success of our economy is dependent on maintaining low unemployment, stable inflation and strong economic growth.

I believe it is not beyond our collective wit to devise a system of island-wide voting.

It's vital we plan and prepare for future provision for our most vulnerable.

Guernsey must implement its new Mental Health Act without further delay.

Jonathan Le Tocq Jonathan Le Tocq

Jonathan Le Tocq: One-minute manifesto

PUBLIC SERVICE not self-service.

If the last four years have been challenging then the next will be even more so.

Key challenges:

Protecting and valuing employment: Safeguard local jobs & develop new skills.

Strengthening our economy: Like our forefathers - diversify and demonstrate Guernsey's open for business!

Addressing an ageing population: We owe it to our senior citizens to be prepared well in advance.

Redefining international identity: Need for greater definition and responsibility for our own affairs.

Reviewing our internal governance: More States reform; fewer members and departments; better accountability and win back trust

Reducing deficit: Return to balanced budgets

Twitter: @letocq

Martin MacIntyre Martin MacIntyre

Martin MacIntyre: One-minute manifesto

I am not a populist, aiming for the popular vote. I am not going to send you a manifesto full of platitudes just to get your attention.

I do have some challenging ideas that may make people sit up and think.

I may be wrong sometimes but I am always open to another person's point of view and willing to listen. That comes from my life experiences.

I will never disregard the fact that I would be given a mandate by the constituents I represent if elected.

With honesty and integrity.

There is plenty more to come.

Rolf Martin Rolf Martin

Rolf Martin: One-minute manifesto

Past generations have worked hard to create the Guernsey we have today.

We owe it to them, our families, and our children to maintain this island.

We should all be entitled to a life acceptable in today's democratic society; sound government, good business acumen, and survival in this changing world are essential.

Our goal: To stay ahead of the game, both at home and outside of these shores.

The economic crisis fallout is becoming obvious; we must learn from previous mistakes.

Key criteria: Productivity, investment for the future, and accountability.

It's your vote in Castel. It's our future for Guernsey.

Dominic Mayer Dominic Mayer

Dominic Mayer: One-minute manifesto

I believe people's views should be heard and commit to honestly pass all opinions to the members of the States so they have a clear view of how parishioners deem their island should be governed.

Education, health, environment, housing, law and order, benefits and pensions, immigration, renewable energies and the economy in general are all important issues.

To convey parishioners views, feedback is vital. Honesty and transparency are key.

Although this has been promised many a time, it has not been forthcoming.

By offering to represent you and with your vote, I believe it can become reality.

Sean McManus Sean McManus

Sean McManus: One-minute manifesto

A rational, credible and aspirational representative, I believe in supporting my parish and serving our island.

I make no overblown policy promises, but I will apply values-based principles towards responsible and informed decision-making.

I have been a Castel Deputy for the last four years but have many years of experience representing individuals and groups.

In a changing and challenging world, I believe that high-calibre representation is the key to sound government and to the effective delivery of value-for-money public services that are both socially and environmentally sustainable.

Above all, I support government based upon consensus and accountability.

Barry Paint Barry Paint

Barry Paint: One-minute manifesto

I have lived all my life in Guernsey.

We face many challenges from UK and Europe, and we are not supported like other countries in the EU, so we must remain competitive if we are to survive.

I understand that many of the island's problems are complex and in the past we found good old Guernsey solutions to many of them.

Matters of concern to me going into this election are our economy, education, land use, work permits, the environment and many others.

I believe that I can make a contribution to this process if I am elected.

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