Guernsey band The Risk win name trademark battle

The Risk
Image caption The Risk were formed in Guernsey in 1984 and have released five albums

Guernsey band The Risk have won the right to trademark their name after a legal battle over intellectual rights.

The band first raised the issue in October after a group with the same name appeared on the television programme The X Factor.

Hasbro, maker of the board game Risk, and a number of other companies, were informed of the decision by the UK Intellectual Property Office.

An application on behalf of the band's X Factor namesakes is ongoing.

Guernsey's The Risk formed in 1984 and have released five albums and toured extensively, although had not previously registered their name.

Band member Colin Leach said: "When you start off a band, you don't really think 'oh, we'd best trademark our name'.

"It just wasn't really something bands really thought about in the day."

He added: "It's a lesson learned really... it's been a bit of a battle but we've got there in the end."

The band have now registered their name as a trademark with the Intellectual Property Office.

Image caption The presence of an act called The Risk on The X-Factor prompted the Guernsey band to take action

It is not the first time that The X Factor has been in the news over band names.

Last year's winners, Little Mix, were originally called Rhythmix until a Brighton-based charity of the same name protested.

The charity, which provides music tuition to children, had argued X Factor's use of the name would cause confusion and wrote an open letter to Simon Cowell asking him to intervene after the mix-up was revealed.

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