States of Guernsey staff limitation made 'difficult'

The efforts of Guernsey's government to restrict the number of people it employs have been questioned by the island's Scrutiny Committee.

The committee published a report earlier in which its lead panel member said: "The transparency and quality of the data available has to improve."

However, he said: "The strategic objectives of the policy remain sound."

The island's staff limitation policy was revised in 2008 according to the committee's recommendations.

Its main aim was to end a long period of growth in the total number of full time equivalent posts in government.

Approximately 50% of all States expenditure goes on staff costs.

Of the States' 10 departments, Culture and Leisure managed to shed the highest number of posts between 2008 and 2010, going from 160 to 147.

However the total number of posts rose from 4,887 to 4,985.

Scrutiny recommended to its successor committee that it formally consult with all departments and committees, following the election on 18 April.

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