Guernsey goat insemination plans put on hold

Plans to artificially inseminate a rare breed of Guernsey goats have been put on hold after numbers stabilised.

The Guernsey Goat Society had planned to introduce the measure to help boost the Golden Guernsey breed.

Trevor Davies, president of the society, said the move was no longer necessary as stock re-introduced from the UK had helped increase numbers.

The breed is known for being docile and friendly, and for the golden colour of its coat.

The Guernsey Goat Society ran courses on artificial insemination in 2009 following concern about dwindling numbers.

At the time, fewer than 12 male Golden Guernseys were left in the island, and it was feared inbreeding would lead to problems.

The society had planned to import a liquid nitrogen tank with straws of semen to help boost numbers.

In the meantime pure-breed goats from the UK were sourced and brought to the island for breeding.

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