Guernsey States decides department and committee roles

Deputy Mary Lowe has failed to get five different positions in the new States.

It comes as all 10 ministers and four chairmen have had their preferred choices voted in after only two elections were contested.

Deputy Lowe did not receive enough support for positions on the Home and Culture and Leisure Departments.

She also failed to get a position on the States Assembly and Constitution Committee, of which she was previously vice-chairwoman.

On Tuesday the longest serving States member was also not the first choice for the roles of Social Security minister, a position she held from 2004-2007, and of States Assembly and Constitution Committee chairwoman.

In the Home Department election the result was 37 votes for Deputy Michelle Le Clerc and Alderney Representative Boyd Kelly, 25 for Deputy Francis Quin, 33 for Deputy Arrun Wilkie, 25 for Deputy Mary Lowe.

In the contest for the positions on the Culture and Leisure Department Deputy Lester Queripel also stood for a position but failed to get enough support.

The vote was Darren Duquemin 43, David Inglis 35, Francis Quin 33, Paul Le Pelley 29, Mary Lowe 19 and Lester Queripel 15.

Deputy Lowe polled 22 votes in the States Assembly and Constitution Committee membership election, behind Deputies Richard Conder, Mark Dorey and Peter Gillson with 41 and Elis Bebb with 38.

Deputy Lester Queripel was also unsuccessful in a bid for a position on the Scrutiny Committee after he gained 21 votes, while the other candidates polled between 32 and 42 each.

Voting record published

Deputies Lowe and Queripel are among just four deputies who have no position on any department or committee.

The other two are Deputy Roger Perrot, who was defeated in the election for Commerce and Employment minister, and Deputy Lyndon Trott, who until April was the island's chief minister.

Five deputies hold three different positions - Deputies Elis Bebb, Rob Jones, Michelle Le Clerc, Paul Le Pelley and Peter Sherbourne - all first-time candidates at last month's general election.

Before the elections began, States members voted 26-21 for a call for the voting records of contested elections, which are usually done by secret ballot, would be published after all the elections for departments and committees have been completed.

Deputies Mary Lowe and Andrew Le Lievre brought the motion forward after similar proposals were agreed for the elections for ministers, chairmen and chief minister.

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