Guernsey States debate electronic voting again

image captionCurrently votes in the States are carried out vocally in Guernsey French

The issue of electronic voting will be debated by the States of Guernsey seven months after it was rejected by the island's politicians.

The motion, signed by 18 deputies, has been led by Deputy Mary Lowe.

She said the move was to ensure accountability and followed calls from members of the public for records of how deputies voted on every decision.

Deputy Lowe said a keypad system for simultaneous electronic voting would cost about £20,000 to install.

Votes in the States chamber are done by vive voix, in which deputies are invited to call out pour (for) or contre (against).

Any member can request an appel nominal (recorded vote), in which members are asked individually for their vote; pour, contre or je ne vote pas (abstain).

If the proposals are approved electronic voting would be used in instead of an appel nominal.

Currently the results of recorded votes are published on the States website and in the Hansard reports, which are transcripts of States meetings.

It is the fourth time Deputy Lowe has brought the subject to the assembly.

She said she hoped it would be supported by the assembly this time as she had the backing of the chief minister and four ministers.

It will be debated in July and Deputy Lowe said she would be asking for a recorded vote.

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