Guernsey Police crackdown hailed a success

Guernsey Police has hailed a high-profile crackdown on offences in the north of the island a success.

Nine on-the-spot fines were issued for littering, cycling on footpaths and people not wearing seatbelts in cars.

Four lorry drivers were formally warned about faults and three scooters were taken off the road.

On Wednesday night, officers also carried out liquor licence checks and an anti-social behaviour patrol in Delancey Park.

Insp Clare Cuthbert said officers may get tasked to do similar operations around the island.

She said: "We often get the comments 'have you got nothing better to do?' and what my instructions to the officers involved was that the community office has been asked and tasked by the community to go and address these problems.

"In fact a couple of members of the public actually went to the officers afterwards and thanked the officers, certainly about cycling on the footpath as that seems to be an issue for members of the public."

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