Guernsey deputy wants further pensions and benefits rise

Proposed increases to benefits in Guernsey are not enough to meet the needs of local people in the long term, according to one politician.

Deputy Andrew Le Lievre said he wanted bigger rises for pensions and long-term supplementary benefits.

He has suggested a weekly pensions rise of £7.67, 95p more than the Social Security Department has recommended.

His suggestions are due to be debated alongside the department's proposals next week.

Before April's election Deputy Le Lievre served on the Social Security Department and said he wanted to restore the previous regime of increasing pensions by RPIX - a measure of inflation equivalent to the all-items Retail Price Index, but excluding mortgage interest payments - plus 1% each year.

The department's proposals of a 3.6% rise is 0.5% above the June 2012 figure of 3.1%.

Deputy Le Lievre said: "For many people there old age pension is there only form of income, if that degrades then the elderly have got a pretty bleak future to look forward to."

When announcing its proposals the department said it had to strike a balance between what was paid out and the long-term funding of that level of benefits.

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