Alderney States members election 2012: Candidates

On 17 November, voters in Alderney are due to elect five of the States members, who sit in the island's government.

A total of 1,209, which is just over half the island's population, have registered to vote.

There are 12 candidates for the five positions, the same number as stood in the 2010 election.

The five successful candidates are due to serve a four-year term in the States of Alderney.

Every two years half of the 10 States members are elected and the president, who has a deciding vote in the event of a tie, also serves a four-year term.

The candidates are Caroline Ely, Ken Hampton, Neil Harvey, Martin Hunt, Louis Jean, Boyd Kelly, Helen Martin, Lin Maurice, Robert McDowall, Chris Rowley, Francis Simonet and Bill Walden.

The BBC gave each candidate 150 words to express why they think people should vote for them. Here is what they said:

Caroline Ely

Thanks to Heidi Richards and David Lewis my proposers.

I am putting myself forward as a progressive candidate in the forthcoming election to represent the people of Alderney who have similar views and loyalties as mine.

Although I came to live in Alderney just over five years ago, I have made many visits to the island since 1982.

I cherish its positives - its beauty, peace and quiet, the wildlife, and no serious crime. There is a marvellous community spirit and a willingness to support charities, physically and financially.

As a relative newcomer I would like to assure you that my wish is to help steer Alderney on the right road to enhancing that which we value and support States members and others in constructive projects.

Unfortunately, I shall not be able to attend the hustings on 15 November owing to a minor medical operation in Bournemouth.

Ken Hampton

This candidate declined the opportunity.

Neil Harvey

I am Neil Harvey and I would like your vote in the forthcoming elections. Alderney is facing some serious problems at present - falling population and school rolls, closing shops and ever more fragile transport links.

My background as a senior manager in a major bank has equipped me with the skills and experience to analyse and address significant issues, whilst at the same time I have been closely involved in the finances of literally hundreds of businesses, from corner shops to major public companies.

I have known Alderney for many years and lived here full time since 2004. We have a wonderful environment and amazing community and preserving these is a priority. But we need a healthy economy to provide comfortable living standards for all.

I have the time and ability to help improve the situation and no distracting interests other than a love of this island.

Martin Hunt

Sadly the entire western world is in recession, this is more obvious in a small island or any small community.

For too long we have advocated schemes to turn this situation around without attending to the limitations, which are inevitable in a small community.

I believe that we have little choice but to cut our coat according to the cloth. We need positive but small items and projects which together can add up to a larger whole.

We need to secure our transport links for both visitors and essential supplies and we need to present the island in a more tourist-conscious image.

Louis Jean

Between 1991 and 2000 I was a member of the States of Alderney, an Alderney Representative on the States of Guernsey and eventually Vice-President of the States.

I am very concerned about the way that Alderney Electricity Ltd has been used by the States, who are 83% shareholders, to significantly increase the cost to the consumer.

In addition water charges, planning fees and TRP are rising and airport landing fees are increasing at a time when flights are being reduced in number and it is proposed to close the grass runways.

I am all for encouraging new businesses, but I'm not in favour of building within Alderney's green belt.

From my previous 10 years' experience on the States, I know that government is much more effective if it works as a team. If I am elected, teamwork and really listening to the public's day-to-day problems will be my aims.

Boyd Kelly

I am seeking re-election to the States of Alderney after four years in office. I have also been an Alderney Representative in the Guernsey States and if successful in this election I shall be seeking to again represent Alderney in Guernsey.

Since being elected I have been a fully committed representative in Alderney and Guernsey. I have worked hard serving this community and have demonstrated that I am prepared to make difficult decisions and importantly explain those decisions.

I believe the key issue facing Alderney is the poor state of the economy and that a long-term solution is required. We must be willing to look at all measures, even ones that a decade ago we would not consider.

Alderney is a great place to live with an outstanding environment, social stability and a progressively high standard of infrastructure.

I can be contacted on 07781 126054

Thank you.

Helen Martin

I think standing as a States Member means I am here - to listen, learn and serve.

Available on a one-to-one basis usually between 10am and 12 noon, Monday to Friday, and/or at a mutually agreeable time.

Call my mobile on 07781 435905

Email address -

Focusing on the positive is important and I promise to do the best I can one day at a time for Alderney, given your vote.

Thank you.

Lin Maurice

I believe a census is essential, we cannot plan for the future without accurate information.

Building more houses than we need seems senseless. A self build scheme would enable young people to own their own homes if they cannot afford to buy and it frees up social housing in turn.

We must encourage people to come to Alderney, not just for holidays, but to live here. A small marina in the right place would be of huge benefit.

In Alderney our main employers are the hospitality trade and building firms, yet the TRP is the same in both islands to keep the finance industry in Guernsey paying 0-10 tax.

This current system has been detrimental to Alderney's businesses and a fairer proportionate rating system must be negotiated.

This in turn may encourage more businesses to set up, resulting in a rise in employment and a future for Alderney.

Robert McDowall

I can bring a level of financial understanding and competency to the States' Membership.

My background in the finance sector has encompassed financial risk management, assessment of the financial viability and funding of business propositions for investment purposes as well as speaking, writing and broadcasting on the impact of financial events on business and the economy.

At this time two issues are uppermost in the electorate's mind: the weak economy and Alderney's financial relationship with Guernsey.

The States has a role in encouraging establishment of suitable businesses in Alderney. Their financial impact has to be evaluated. Equally, public spending requires continual financial evaluation and assessment.

More immediately, financial skills are required to analyse and evaluate the financial relationship between Alderney and Guernsey.

Transparency of the financial data is essential. Skilled, even forensic questioning, of public officials may be necessary to extract relevant financial data.

Chris Rowley

I have lived on Alderney on and off for 50 years.

From being a vibrant thriving community in the sixties, seventies and eighties I have seen the island go into a decline that we seem powerless to reverse.

To make matters worse we are in the midst of a global recession whose long-term implications nobody understands.

Faced with this I think we must hold on to what we have, protect our infrastructure and fully exploit any safe and realistic potential for growth that we can find; all this without compromising our environment or our relaxed and easy-going way of life.

We depend on Guernsey for most of our services and I think we have to improve our working relationship with them. To this end we might seek to restore or reinvigorate the Alderney-Guernsey Advisory Council that was a prominent feature of the 1948 Agreement.

Francis Simonet

During the past 30 years I have developed and managed several local businesses. I proposed the concept of E-gaming to the States and my company Bonne Terre was awarded the first licence. This company is now a subsidiary of BSkyB and I remain a director.

It is self-evident that Alderney is suffering the effects of a severe recession but this does not mean that we cannot substantially improve and expand our economy by taking positive policy decisions ourselves.

A priority is to formulate and implement a marketing strategy to arrest the decline in our population by encouraging new permanent residents to the island. New businesses that are suited to our environment should be identified and persuaded to relocate.

We have already shown that we have the ability to do this. E-gaming, renewable energy and the various financial companies are prime examples.

A unified States with positive policies can succeed.

Bill Walden

I'm Bill Walden. I've served Alderney as a States Member for over 10 years, As Chairman of GSC, a democratic approach and an emphasis on teamwork are important to me and by working together GSC has achieved a great deal in bringing our infrastructure up to scratch after decades of make do and mend.

There is still plenty more to be done and I would welcome the opportunity to continue with that work.

With three members retiring, there will be new faces in the States. It will take time for them to come up to speed. I believe my experience and current knowledge of States matters can be a help to them and provide valuable continuity to the States as a whole.

You will have change. You can have experience too. Please vote for me.

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