Unite members 'incensed' by proposed pension changes

Guernsey members of the Unite union have been "incensed" by a "three-pronged attack" on their pensions, according to the regional organiser.

Bob Lanning said: "This is a very upset workforce here. The phone's been ringing off the hook".

On Wednesday, a Joint Working Group proposed a 1.5% contributions increase, a five-year rise in retirement age and a career average benefits scheme.

The current final salary scheme is compulsory for all States employees.

'Consensus decision'

Mr Lanning said the increase in contributions from 6.5% to 8% equated to an immediate cut in wages of 1.5%.

"That's the immediate thing. We're more than willing to talk and get round the table but this is not the way," he said.

In proposing the changes, Rodney Benjamin, the working group's chairman, said: "A consensus decision has been reached on an appropriate way forward."

Mr Lanning said there were "about 1,000" members of the union among the 4,700 current States employees who would be affected by the changes.

There are another 3,000 former employees currently on the scheme.

If approved by States members next year, the changes will come into effect from the beginning of 2014.

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