Meningitis C booster for Guernsey's teenagers

Guernsey's secondary school children are to be offered a meningitis C booster vaccine.

The second dose of the vaccine is currently given to children at four months old, but it will be replaced by the booster.

Immunisation against Rotavirus is being offered to babies who are two and three-months-old.

It will be introduced from 29 July and the meningitis booster will be offered from 2014.

The Health and Social Services Department said the change to the meningitis C immunisation scheme would offer greater protection for teenagers and young adults.

Director of public health, Dr Stephen Bridgman, said no additional State funding was required for the vaccines.

He said: "I would encourage all parents to take advantage of the immunisations because it certainly can prevent a wide range of really serious conditions.

Rotavirus is a highly infectious vomiting and diarrhoea bug.

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