Sark butter recalled over bacteria fears

Sark butter has been recalled after "unsafe levels of bacteria" were found during routine testing.

The butter has been removed from sale and anyone who had purchased it has been advised to dispose of it as a "precautionary measure".

The island has recently held two large events, the Sheep Racing weekend and the Sark Folk Festival, at which the product had been on sale.

Guernsey's Environmental Health officers are working with the producer.

Tobin Cook, deputy environmental health officer, said: "There was E.coli present within the butter and the general bacteria load showed it was unfortunately quite a heavily contaminated product.

"The product has been withdrawn from sale, both in Guernsey and in Sark, and we're trying to get the message out to those who have brought the product.

"It is made from unpasteurised butter and that has inherent risks... these are potentially very serious bacteria to be infected with, but it will depend on the individual."

Mr Cook said children and older people were more vulnerable to food poisoning bacteria, but warned anyone could be affected.

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