Guernsey holiday call to mark Liberation Day

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Liberation Day 2014 parade in Guernsey
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The 9 May has been designated as a public holiday since the liberation in 1945

Islanders in Guernsey could get a special day off next year to honour Liberation Day.

In Guernsey, the anniversary of the liberation is celebrated on 9 May, the day in 1945 the German garrison surrendered during World War Two.

But that is a Saturday in 2015, so seven deputies have called for Friday 8 May to be a public holiday in lieu.

Next year will be the 70th anniversary of the Channel Islands being freed from occupation by the Nazis.

More than 1,700 islanders signed a Facebook petition in support of making it a public holiday.

The last time Liberation Day fell on a weekend, in 2010, the States agreed to make Monday 10 May a public holiday in recognition of the momentous event in Guernsey history.

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