Guernsey States reject width and emissions tax

Protesters against introducing charges for motorists to fund the States of Guernsey Transport Strategy
Image caption In December, 400 protesters turned out when a decision on the width and emissions tax was delayed

Uncertainty remains over how the States of Guernsey's transport strategy will be funded after two proposed tax models were rejected.

Changes to a width and emissions tax were defeated by 23 votes to 21 and the original plan was withdrawn, as was a move to reintroduce motor tax.

Ahead of the States meeting, 150 people turned out to protest against the width and emissions tax.

The money raised from taxation is needed for the transport strategy.

The strategy includes plans for a free bus service, paid parking, improvements to walking and cycling facilities and a review of island speed limits.

The Environment Department, which is responsible for transport matters, is expected to bring forward new proposals for a width and emissions tax as it was agreed as part of the overall strategy.

Voting for the amended width and emissions tax proposals
Pour (for) - 21 Contre (against) - 23
Deputy Peter Harwood Deputy Jan Kuttelwascher
Deputy Barry Brehaut Deputy Roger Domaille
Deputy Rob Jones Deputy Allister Langlois
Deputy Michelle Le Clerc Deputy Lester Queripel
Deputy John Gollop Deputy Kevin Stewart
Deputy Peter Sherbourne Deputy Peter Gillson
Deputy Richard Conder Deputy Paul Le Pelley
Deputy Elis Bebb Deputy Lyndon Trott
Deputy Gavin St Pier Deputy Dave Jones
Deputy Scott Ogier Deputy Laurie Queripel
Deputy Matt Fallaize Deputy Mary Lowe
Deputy Andrew Le Lievre Deputy Garry Collins
Deputy Darren Duquemin Deputy Barry Paint
Deputy Chris Green Deputy Roger Perrot
Deputy Mark Dorey Deputy Al Brouard
Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq Deputy Arrun Wilkie
Deputy Hunter Adam Deputy David De Lisle
Deputy Yvonne Burford Deputy David Inglis
Deputy Paul Luxon Deputy Heidi Soulsby
Deputy Mike Hadley Deputy Robert Sillars
Alderney Rep Graham McKinley Deputy Mike O'Hara
Deputy Francis Quin
Alderney Rep Louis Jean

Deputies Martin Storey, Tony Spruce and Sandra James were absent from the assembly.

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