Bayeux Tapestry 'ending' heads to Battle for Hastings anniversary

Alderney Tapestry showing the crowning of William, Duke of Normandy, as King of England Image copyright Alderney Bayeux Tapestry
Image caption The 10ft long Alderney Tapestry is based on what the missing panels of the Bayeux Tapestry may have shown

An ending to the Bayeux Tapestry, made in the Channel Island of Alderney, will be displayed in Battle, East Sussex.

It will be part of a special exhibition for the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings in the town named after the famous battle in 1066.

The tapestry was created by residents and visitors and has previously been displayed next to the Bayeux Tapestry.

Robert Emeleus, Battle Museum chairman, said he was hoping for a flood of visitors for the special anniversary.

Margaret Emeleus, also from the museum, said: "It was a very difficult period, after the battle... life in England radically changed."

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption A recreation of the Battle of Hastings held in the grounds of Battle Abbey - built to mark the Norman victory

The Battle of Hastings

  • Edward the Confessor's death in 1066 left a disputed succession and the throne was seized by leading aristocrat, Harold Godwinson
  • King Harold quickly faced invasion on two fronts - from the King of Norway, Harald Hardrada, and William, Duke of Normandy
  • The Norwegian invasion was defeated at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, but Harold was later killed while fighting William's army at the Battle of Hastings on 14 October 1066
  • The victorious William was subsequently known as "the Conqueror" and the events of the invasion are depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry

Battle of Hastings: Does it matter exactly where it happened?

She said the Alderney Tapestry had inspired the Battle community - 6,500-strong compared to Alderney's population of 1,900 - to start its own embroidery project.

Mrs Emeleus said it was looking at the story "from the Battle through to 1115" and it was "bringing together the Battle community".

Mr Emeleus was quick to point out the project was "not in competition [with Alderney]".

The Alderney Tapestry is due to be on displayed in the Battle Museum of Local History from 2 September until mid-October 2016.

Image copyright Alderney Tapestry
Image caption The Alderney Tapestry panels were previously on display next to the Bayeux Tapestry

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