Maximuscle founder Zef Eisenberg targets return after crash

Image source, Zef Eisenberg
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Zef Eisenberg, pictured ahead of his accident at Elvington in September 2016

A businessman who suffered life-threatening injuries in a high-speed motorcycle crash says he is now ready to race again.

Guernsey entrepreneur Zef Eisenberg said he nearly died in the crash at Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire in September 2016.

Mr Eisenberg, 44, broke 11 bones in the crash despite originally saying he had only broken his pelvis.

The Maximuscle nutrition founder now plans to race again at Elvington.

Image source, Zef Eiseinberg
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Zef Eisenberg pictured in hospital two days after the crash in September 2016

"I remember nothing from it all, I was completely out," Mr Eisenberg said about the crash.

"I woke up three days later covered up in carbon fibre and titanium scaffolding holding all the pelvis, the pubic bone and the hips together."

The nutrition brand founder was airlifted to hospital after losing control of his Madmax Turbine motorbike at the Straightliners Top Speed meeting.

It seemed "sensible" to downplay his injuries at the time, but in reality he had suffered extensive damage, Mr Eisenberg told BBC Radio Guernsey.

Image source, Zef Eisenberg
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It was initially understood Zef Eisenberg sustained only a broken pelvis, but his injuries were far more extensive than reported

He revealed he broke his pelvis, hip, femur, pubic bone, talus bone in his ankle, ripped a rotator cuff in his shoulder, bones in both hands and sustained elbow ligament damage.

The injuries meant he "absolutely" feared he would never walk again.

In addition, Mr Eisenberg said he suffered a collapsed lung and could not see properly for two weeks due to retina damage.


The nutrition entrepreneur said he was now "90 per cent" recovered physically, but faced "really dark periods".

"You go through some pretty nasty thoughts in your head, you know? And then you start thinking do I want to bike again, is that the right thing to do?" he said.

Image source, Zef Eisenberg
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Mr Eisenberg, pictured on 16 July 2017, is part of the Guernsey-based Madmax team

Mr Eisenberg is planning to return to Elvington in September to race on a reconstructed version of the bike he crashed.

Despite doctors expressing concern, Mr Eisenberg reassured them he was going to "take it easy" on the specialist bike, which can travel up to 230mph.

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