Guernsey introduces pay-as-you-throw rubbish charges

Guernsey kerbside recycling being delivered for sorting and baling
Image caption Guernsey has a higher recycling rate than the UK

Guernsey has fully introduced its pay-as-you-throw rubbish collection scheme.

From Sunday, households will have to include paid-for stickers on each sack of general rubbish put out for collection.

Not including a £2.50 or £1.40 sticker on a black bag of non-recyclable rubbish will result in a fine of £60.

The system has been phased in since 2014, and also sees islanders separate plastic, paper, glass and food waste for recycling.

The new pay-as-you-throw stickers cost £2.50 for a 90-litre black bag, and £1.40 for a bin liner-size bag of no more than 50 litres capacity.

In addition to this, the Channel Island's households have to pay an £85 annual standing charge, which covers the costs of waste shipment and recycling.

An additional parish charge for waste collections is yet to be announced, but it is anticipated the cost of waste disposal will be around £7-per-week, per home.

Image caption Waste that cannot be burned will continue to be disposed of in landfills

Guernsey households recycled half of their waste in 2017, the highest ever figure recorded, which is also above the UK's 45% rate.

Proposals in the UK are suggesting a similar move to separate food waste collection.

In December 2018, Guernsey began exporting its general waste, compressed in bales, to be burnt and converted into electricity in Sweden.

Prior to December, the island put its waste into landfill, with the main site at Mont Cuet now reaching capacity.

Concerns have been raised the additional costs will encourage fly-tipping, but a prosecution for the offence carries a £20,000 fine and a criminal conviction.

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