Coronavirus: Guernsey households to expand 'bubbles'

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The choice of which household to pair with is a "difficult one", Deputy Heidi Soulsby acknowledged

Guernsey households can socialise with members of one other home from Saturday, the States has announced.

Families, shared homes and people living alone can expand their "household bubble" as part of the island's phased easing of lockdown.

Islanders do not have to observe social distancing advice with members of their chosen paired household.

The rules are restricted to entire households, meaning people do not get to expand their bubble individually.

Meetings must only take place at either home and meeting for outside activities is not permitted, the States said.

Which grandparents?

This can include the over-65s, as long as they are "aware of the risks" and can "maintain good hygienic standards", President of the Committee for Health and Social Care Heidi Soulsby said.

The choice of who islanders expand their bubble to is "difficult", she acknowledged.

Addressing the idea that families will have to choose which grandparents children can see, Deputy Souslby also recognised the new advice will "raise questions".

Mrs Soulsby said: "Whatever we do now it's going to be difficult because we're going to have to make decisions in order to ease out gently.

"We can't say now, tomorrow everybody can join each other's bubble. It's about ensuring we can control that lockdown."

The States also expanded the list of permitted exercise to include recreational fishing and one-to-one coaching, provided social distancing guidelines are followed.

These changes will permit some sports venues, such as golf courses and tennis clubs to begin to operate again, but group activities and sports remain banned.

People can also use private boats and planes and guidance for owners from the coastguard and airport is available online.

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