Rare lampreys spotted in Isle of Man rivers

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Anyone who spots a lamprey is urged to contact the Department of Environment Food and Agriculture

A fish which was once extinct in UK rivers has been spotted in Isle of Man waters.

The lamprey, an eel-like fish, has been found in the Rivers Sulby and Dhoo as well as the Lhen and Neb.

The last time a lamprey was recorded on the island was in 2007, when a fishing survey was carried out in Lhen Trench. The previous sighting was in 1981.

Juan Turner, MLC, said: "It is great news that our officers have uncovered this secret hidden within Manx rivers."

He added: "At a time when this ancient species is under threat worldwide, the discovery of significant numbers of juveniles in several places on the Isle of Man justifies the efforts the Isle of Man has made to monitor and protect the water quality that is vital for many endangered species."

Anyone who spots one of the fish is being urged to report it to the Department of Environment Food and Agriculture.

There are three types of lamprey - brook, sea and river - and all are considered vulnerable species.

They are unusual because they have no scales or fins and are jawless.

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