Isle Of Man / Ellan Vannin

Radio station's five figure loss

The Isle of Man's national broadcaster lost thousands of pounds in the last financial year, managers have confirmed.

Manx Radio lost £16,500 - the first time it has been in the red for four years.

The station said the loss was caused by difficult trading conditions and a freeze in the money it receives from the Manx Government.

Its chairman David North said the station had to raise half of its income

"Our costs are £2m for running the station, of which half comes from government and we have to find the rest to make that up," he said.

That remaining money is raised through commercial activities such as advertising.

Mr North added, "I think what needs to be brought in here and it really stems down to whether you want a national broadcaster and I think a lot of the people are very proud of Manx Radio."

The latest audience reach figures showed that 56% of the island's population listen to the station.

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