Head teachers' tuition fee fears for Manx students


Head teachers from the Isle of Man are concerned about the impact plans to increase UK tuition fees will have on students on the island.

Adrienne Burnett, head of Ballerkameen High School, Douglas, said rises in UK university tuition fees could deprive many of access to higher education.

"University may no longer be an option for some Manx students," she said.

"There is a real worry that students could be priced out of the market, whether that is intentional or not."

Ms Burnett said she would not have been able to go to university if she was a student today.

'No alternative'

"There is no way my parents could have afforded to pay for me to go now and I couldn't have funded it through the money I earned from holiday jobs," she added.

She said her pupils were watching the news avidly and the school was offering parents as much support as possible.

Sue Moore, the head teacher Queen Elizabeth II High School in Peel, said she was also anxious about the future for Manx students.

She said this was especially worrying as the Manx government had made cuts to the number of students qualifying for grants.

"They are raising the bar on the island so students that are getting anything less than two Cs in A Levels will not be able to access the university grants at all and we don't have any alternatives for them," she said.

"So in effect we are just saying that's it, unless your parents can afford to pay for you, you cannot go to university."

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