Legal Russian drug warning on Isle of Man

Image caption,
Bonsai looks a lot like cocaine or mephedrone

Revellers in the Isle of Man are being warned of the dangers of a new Russian drug which has left a number of users from the UK in hospital.

Bonsai, which contains the anxiety-reducing drug phenazepam, is "highly dangerous", health experts say.

The drug, which looks like mephedrone or cocaine, is legal and available over the internet.

Shelly Stanley, of Drug Advice Service and Helpline (DASH), said: "The safest way is not to take drugs at all."

Phenazepam originates from Russia and is used for neurological disorders like epilepsy and insomnia.

However if mixed with other substances and taken without a medical need, it can cause restlessness, anxiety, seizures, and death.

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