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Isle of Man government plays down MRSA fears

image captionThe new strain affects young people especially

A new MRSA strain should not stop people from using sports facilities, a senior Manx health official has said.

It was revealed on Christmas Eve that a small number of MRSA USA 300 cases had been detected on the island.

The strain mostly affects young, fit and healthy people, is transmitted in sports centres, gyms, and pools and can cause serious infection.

But Manx director of public health, Dr Parameswaren Kishore said people should not be alarmed.

"We need to get this into perspective," said Dr Kishore.

He said the benefits of going for a swim or using a gym outweighed the small risk of using these facilities.

"I know a lot of people make New Year resolutions, that shouldn't be stopped by this type of bug," the doctor said.

He added: "It is not established in any of the gyms on the island."

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