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Isle of Man heart equipment funded by charities

image captionIt is thought there are about 100 cardiac arrests on the island every year
The Isle of Man's health service has received a donation from several charites to fund new heart equipment.
Six local charities pooled resources to provide £120,000 for 13 chest compression devices.
The resuscitation equipment is used in cardiac arrests, something which is thought to happen about 100 times every year on the Isle of Man.
A health spokesman said the equipment, called LUCAS, operated electronically and was superior to manual methods.
The charities involved in the donation were Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust, the Isle of Man branch of the British Heart Foundation, the League of Friends of Noble's Hospital, the League of Friends of Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital, Ramsey Cottage Hospital Welfare Trustees and Microgaming Health and Care Trust.
Training for about 100 medical staff is expected to begin before the end of the month.

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