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Isle of Man cracks down on methoxetamine drug

A ban on the import and export of the drug methoxetamine has been brought in by the Manx government.

The decision to classify the substance as a class C drug was given Tynwald approval in June and will take effect on the island from 1 July.

The so-called legal high, also known as mexxy or MXE, was made illegal in the United Kingdom last April.

Health Minister David Anderson said: "These substances need to be taken extremely seriously."

He added: "This legislation is in place to protect the public and I hope that by making this move and raising awareness, we can prevent the sad circumstances where serious harm can arise as a result of using legal highs for recreational drug use."

The ban is temporary, pending the outcome of an investigation into methoxetamine by the UK's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

UK government advisers will then decide whether it should be permanently controlled, a decision which the Manx government is expected to take up.

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