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Water spout seen off Isle of Man coast

Water spout
Image caption The water spout was photographed by Douglas promenade resident Ben Brooker

Cool air meeting warmer than average water caused a water spout seen at sea from the Manx coast, experts said.

Resident Ben Brooker said it could be seen in Douglas Bay for a few minutes from about 09:30 BST on Tuesday.

Mr Brooker lives in an apartment on Douglas Promenade and has a camera set up in his window all the time.

He said: "I saw a funny spike appearing from the base of a cloud a couple of miles out to sea, watched it get closer then water started to kick up."

He added: "I was still half asleep but I just kept snapping although it was really hard to get the focus right.

"I've seen some odd things from the window but never anything like this."

A spokesman from the Isle of Man Met Office said: "The difference between a water spout and a tornado is that a spout occurs over the sea and a tornado over land.

"The recent weather patterns we are seeing on the island meant conditions were ideal for a water spout at the time it was photographed."

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