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Thousands respond to Isle of Man MOT consultation

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Media captionHundreds of people sign petition against proposed Manx MOT tests

Around 5,000 people have responded to a public consultation over plans to introduce a system of vehicle testing in the Isle of Man.

Currently there are no laws which govern the mechanical condition of cars on the island.

Around 4,700 people responded online and dozens submitted letters, the Infrastructure Department confirmed.

An Infrastructure spokesman said they will now process the responses before announcing their findings.

Currently only buses, taxis and heavy goods vehicles are checked yearly for faults.

In the UK, a car must be examined under a government-approved scheme every year after it is three-years-old. Drivers refer to the system as an "MOT test" - an abbreviation of Ministry of Transport.

In Europe, cars are tested at four-years-old and then every year.

Mechanic Steven Gurney said: "It is certainly something that the Isle of Man needs. Some of the cars I have seen are dangerous."

'Significant difference'

Director of Highways Richard Pearson said the move could cut the Isle of Man's accident rate considerably.

He said: "We thought that a one off test every 10 years would make a significant difference to the amount accidents."

According to Mr Pearson around 10% of all accidents on the island are either caused by, or contributed to, by a mechanical defect.

He added: "The cost of accidents in the Isle of Man is somewhere between £28m and £40m every year - and of course the human cost is far more."

Image caption Last week a petitions with around 1,000 signatures was handed to the Manx government

The idea has met with strong opposition by some vintage vehicle owners.

Secretary of the Vintage Motorcycle Club Tony East said: "I don't know why they want to do it other than to make money.

"We all know that the island is facing issues like the UK and you can't blame them for trying, but just stay away from the MOT."

Last week Mr East handed a petition with more than 1,000 signatures to the Manx government.

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