Isle Of Man / Ellan Vannin

Isle of Man chief minister to attend pre-G8 summit

The Isle of Man's chief minister is to attend a pre-G8 summit in London, after being invited by the UK Prime Minister.

Allan Bell will join the political leaders of all the Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories, at the meeting.

Mr Bell said it would be an "invaluable opportunity to promote the island's position amongst a high profile and influential international audience".

The Trade, Tax and Transparency conference will be held on Saturday.

Mr Cameron's is expected to push for tighter tax measures at the G8 summit, which the UK will host on the 17 June.

Mr Bell said the pre-summit will be an opportunity to take a "significant step in creating a global level playing field in tax information exchange".

He has also written to David Cameron to reaffirm the island's commitment to tackling tax evasion.

"The Isle of Man welcomes the UK's focus on developing a global standard in transparency," he said.

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